🚀 MakerList #21: Lifetime deals, user onboarding, and product comparisons

1. 9 Tricks to Experiment with your Pricing Strategy

A fantastic article about ways you can experiment with your pricing strategy. Charging more, using early adopter discounts, and presenting the illusion of choice are some examples.

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2. 30+ Lessons I Learned Bootstrapping Company Of One From 0$ to $9k MMR

Bootstrapping (and entrepreneurship) is a career. Don't expect quick results. Stack bricks one by one. Stair-step rather than jump. Run a marathon, not a sprint. Do back-envelop estimations and plan to spend on one project three years rather than three months.

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3. Steal Your Competitor’s Customers On AutoPilot Using High-Converting Product Comparison Pages

Consider creating some competitor comparison pages—they let you take advantage of SEO, and they can be some of your highest converting pages. This article includes tips on how to make these pages more effective, such as letting your customers speak for you, not promoting competitors unwittingly, and addressing the four forces of product switch.

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4. Don't Waste Time On User Onboarding

If you don’t have product/market fit, you shouldn't be spending time on user onboarding. Instead, talk to your customers, simplify your first-run experience, and consider offering concierge setup.

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5. How I made $10,041 by combining a feature launch with a lifetime deal

Gabe Ragland of Divjoy explains how combining a feature launch with a lifetime deal drove $10,041 in sales over 4 days—more than what he earned in the previous 4 months!

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