🚀 MakerList #17: Black Lives Matter

In solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter, this week’s articles and blog posts are all written by Black founders.

1. Community: the new business model for indie hackers

Channing Allen from Indie Hackers talks about how paid communities are on the rise. Profitable communities are becoming easier to create as consumers become more “enterprized”. They also have a built-in competitive advantage because they are inherently unique and the content is crowdsourced.

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2. Micro Marketing for B2B SaaS Founders

Dru Riley offers a bunch of ideas for how to do “micro marketing,” which many B2B SaaS companies do in the beginning to get their first few customers. These marketing ideas are often not scalable but can be helpful to get people to start using your product.

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3. 9 Ways To Boost SaaS Revenues With A Better Upgrade UX

In this interactive case study, Dan Benoni and Louis-Xavier Lavallee from Growth.Design analyze Zapier’s upgrade flow. They dissect the email that Zapier sends you when you hit your plan limits, as well as their upgrade pages (and how it could all be improved).

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4. How To Write Great Microcopy

Anthony Diké from The Product Person provides 40 tips on how to write great microcopy. “No one cares about what you can do. They only care about what you can do for them.”

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5. Users You Don’t Want

In the beginning, startups often take whatever users they can get. Michael Seibel explains why you should sometimes say no. Do these users represent an opportunity—a bigger problem or a group with a more burning need? Or are they diluting your focus on your target audience?

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If you can, please consider helping out with #BlackLivesMatter by signing petitions, texting/calling your legislators, or donating. You can find more information here.

Stay safe ✌

- @richard_chu