🚀 MakerList #15: Monetize to grow

1. Monetization vs Growth? It’s a False Choice

We focus a lot on improving customer acquisition and retention, but monetization is a highly underlooked growth lever. As acquisition costs increase, it’s becoming more and more important to continually review and revise your pricing strategy.

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2. +2,167 new subscribers in 48 hours (one tactic you should try)

The founders of Growth.Design wrote an article that generated over 2K subscribers in two days. In this article, they share what they learned and provide actionable tips on how to improve your own content strategy.

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3. Knowing when to quit

When you feel your motivation to work on a project slipping, then you need to figure out what you should do. By asking yourself two questions, you can figure out whether you should “shut down” or “double down.”

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4. Niche to Win, Baby.

Initially, your product won’t beat the existing competition on feature parity. But you can beat them in a particular, underserved niche—a customer segmentation and product differentiation combo.

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5. Outreach, SEO & Partners – How Zapier Grew To $50m ARR Fully Remote

Partnering with other SaaS companies was one of the most influential marketing strategies that Zapier used to grow. By doing this, they were essentially able to leverage their partners’ audiences.

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