🚀 MakerList #14: Idea, Product, Market

1. How Canny Bootstrapped to $800K ARR

The story of how Canny grew to $800K ARR with a remote team and without a dollar of investment. They pivoted many times before they found the right focus for their product.

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2. Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

Are you secretive with your ideas? Don’t be. Ideas are worth nothing unless they’re well-executed upon.

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3. "People need my product!" (But do they want it?)

People may need your product, but they won’t use it unless they want to use it. How do you do that? Get your initial users excited about your product by providing them with a quick win early on.

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4. The only thing that matters

What’s the most important: team, product, or market? Many people think it’s the team. But the market is actually the only thing that matters.

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5. How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

Slack is the fastest growing SaaS company of all time. How do they convert 30% of their free users to paid users? Here’s a tip: don’t be salesy.

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