🚀 MakerList #13: Zooming and growing 💨

1. The 3 Secrets Behind Zoom’s Triple-Digit Growth

Seemingly out of nowhere, everyone is using Zoom now. How did they achieve such explosive growth? It comes down to three things: being customer-driven, building a superior product, and creating a strong brand.

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2. Bootstrapping To $25k MRR – The VEED Story

Even if investors and competition judges like your product, you may still not be able to sell it. This is what the founders of VEED, an online video editor, found out after months of iterating on their product. The key to their eventual success? Patience and persistence.

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3. How selling a SaaS app like an info-product doubled revenue

Building a SaaS app and having recurring revenue is great, but it can take a long time to turn that revenue into meaningful income. This is one of the problems that selling your SaaS app like an info product can solve.

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4. How We Designed Whimsical for Speed

Fantastic tips about how Whimsical used techniques such as contextual toolbars and restricted choice in order to create a product that is easy to learn and fast to use.

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5. Besting the Competition and Building a $40k/mo Review Site

Steve Benjamins tried building a website builder but failed. So instead he built a review website of website builders that makes over $40K / month.

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