🚀 MakerList #11: Twitter, viral, and marketplace marketing

1. I don’t actually care about growth

Great article by Paul Jarvis about the rise of one-person companies and why hiring employees may not be what you want. He also gives some tips at the end about how to grow your business without increasing your headcount.

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2. The Carrd Story: 7 Steps To $30k MRR With Zero Marketing

Nice read about how AJ’s focus on designing and coding site templates for years gave him the expertise to eventually build Carrd: a one-page site builder.

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3. From Idea to Profitable Business on the GitHub Marketplace and Slack

The story of Pull Reminders is a reminder that even very simple ideas can be profitable if they provide value. Building and listing an app on a marketplace like GitHub or Slack can also be an easy way to get free organic traffic.

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4. Marketing Ideas from Intercom's Multi-Million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy

A fantastic writeup about the marketing strategies that Intercom used to grow into a multi-million dollar business. If your product is naturally viral, then it can be helpful to subtly link back to your website so that more people can find out about your product.

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5. 3 Secrets To Building Billion Dollar Companies From David Sacks

David Sacks’ advice to “hone in on your product hook” is super important. Figure out what the most important repeatable behavior in your product should be, and center around it. Don’t clutter your product with useless features too soon.

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